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An organization's ability to LEARN, 

and translate that learning into ACTION rapidly 

is the ultimate Competitive Advantage. 

Jack Welch

Over 40% of today’s long-term leaders, salespeople and leaders have retired or have retired or will retire in the next 5-7 years. Developing the next generation of leaders, sales team and employees now is the best way to prepare for this shift. intRAtrain interactive, blended learning courses are designed for employees who want to grow professionally to be great! Developing to succeed at work can be done both in live and virtual environments.  

Ninety-two percent (92%) of stand-alone training programs deliver less than a 1:1 return on investment. Blended learning – done effectively – significantly enhances your training ROI. intRAtrain™ Blended Learning is a proven performance system that works in both virtual and live in person environments.  It brings novice or experienced learners to performance mastery faster and with greater motivation than traditional “training programs."

Ultimately, training should enhance knowledge and change behaviors. Every learner deserves a method that suits his/her innate learning preference. In training, we recognize the diversity or our workforce and address appropriate need and learning preferences. This learning system is tailored to the specific needs of your company, and employees.

intRAtrain™ Blended learning is here to ensure your training investment achieves maximum, measurable results! 

What is intRAtrain Blended Learning? 

intRAtrain™ Blended Learning is a proven performance system that brings novice or experienced learners to performance mastery faster and with greater motivation than traditional “training". intRAtrain Blended Learning Solutions is a highly effective and efficient system for training on many subjects including leadership and customer service. 

intRAtrain is excited to have 2 separate, yet exciting platforms.--Live Workshop Option OR Virtual Instructor Led Option

Both options are a complete blended learning solution that includes:

·  Pre- and Post- Session Assessments

·  Performance Contracting

·  eLearning

·  Workshop Session(s)- Live or Virtual

·  Reinforcement / Application Opportunities

·  Supervisor / Manager Involvement Opportunities

·  Access to facilitator/coach via email 

Choose Your Session: 

Live Session Features:

  • Comprehensive curriculum in 1 session, with weekly follow-up
  • In Person Instructor and Facilitator
  • Experience live learning with role plays and extended group dialogues
  • Real time, face-to-face group interaction
  • Peer in-person networking
  • Weekly Post-Session Communication

Virtual Workshop Features:

  • Continuous learning, via small learning segments 
  • Live Instructor delivers course virtually
  • Group Interaction during weekly class sessions
  • Peer Virtual Networking
  • Weekly activities and reinforcement tasks
  • Learn from your desk without need for travel

Learn more about our BLS solutions and view course descriptions at:

Live Workshops will be delivered onsite for companies that want this option. 

Virtual sessions can be delivered via private sessions only to your organization, or via public sessions.

Public Virtual Course Offering Opportunities are scheduled as follows.  All sessions are 75 minutes long.

Achieve Results Through Leadership- $495/ea

Deliver Great Ag Customer Service- $445/ea

Sell Through Needs and Relationships- $545/ea.

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